Junction Flea Market

So last Sunday we got together and headed to the Toronto Junction Flea Market!  For those of you that dont know about it, its a flea market in the keele and dundas area, featuring independant vendors – selling things from gourmet popsicles, to vintage clothing and antiques.


As soon as we arrived we got caught up in the energy of the crowd and began perusing the displays like old timers…we found some gorgeous stuff, so it’s only fair to share what we found with you!


This charming set up  is by  Little Green Design, run by the lovely multitalented Jessica Bundy, who not only designs jewelry, but is also a musician!

Kelsey scored this adorable bracelet at her stall, and as you can see is loving it!


If any of her stuff caught your eye you can visit her on Etsy http://www.littlegreendesign.ca/etsy.cfm

Another Vendor whose stuff we fell in love with, would be 69 Vintage. We spent forever drooling over their vintage bags, and deliberating over the gorgeous shabby chic boxes.


Aren’t they gorgeous?! When we learned that they actually had two Toronto store locations open, I had a hard time keeping myself from happy dancing.

Check them out http://69vintage.com/

Or here’s their card which is so cute it deserves a picture of it’s own.


So I’m a bit of a sucker for journals, or anything with a stag or animal motif, so as soon I clamped eyes on these bad boys by TEN&CO. (awesome name alert ) I knew i was in love


These journals are going to be perfect for September for taking notes in class. If you share my love of Journals and want to get one (or several, no judgement- I understand) of your own then you can find them here http://tenandco.ca/  They also sell cloth napkins, swedish sponge’s and little somethings for the home.

Finally we finished off with one of my favourites, the Eclectic Pelican .Image

Because I’m more than a little obsessed with the shabby chic style, I was enchanted  with this vendor, from the distressed white fireplace, to the vintage keys.. loved it.

The website has some seriously beautiful photos, take a look at their upcoming shows, they may be coming near you soon!  http://www.eclecticpelican.ca/


Well that was our Junction adventure, all-in-all a magical day! Highly recommeded, their next dates are September 8th and October 13th. Just check out the website for details http://junctionflea.blogspot.ca/p/about.html

Let us know what you think! aren’t the vendors great? til next time.


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