Decorating for Students!




To all my fellow poor and struggling students out there…just because you have zero money doesn’t mean you can’t make your place look super cute! All it takes is some fun ideas, a bit of paint, and a good eye at garage sales! 

I’ve recently moved into a new apartment so this summer has been full of decorating! I’m still a student though and need to be careful about spending money.  The cheapest way I’ve found to give furniture pieced a unique and personal touch is…PAINT! There’s nothing like some painted pieces to bring the room together.


This dresser has been through a lot in it’s lifetime.  Not only was it first purchased at a garage sale (so who knows what happened to it in it’s previous life!) but it has been in my home for probably 15 years.  It belonged to my younger sister when she was just a kid and then went with me through my first university experience in a student house.  And once again it is back with me and has now become my new TV stand! It used to be an ugly white and green and now my favourite colour – grey! Also gives the space a clean slightly industrial feel which I just can’t say no to! 

My next DIY job was painting this shelf that has also been in my family for as long as I can remember! My handy dad built it and it the pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle so it comes apart into flat pieces for easy moving (and easy painting)! So smart dad! 


It makes it inexpensive to decorate your place when you’re refurbishing furniture you already have! Just get creative and happy painting 🙂





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