Last Week of Summer

This week the Sunday thoughts are a walkthrough of the week I’ve had.

I’m a fall person. I love big sweaters, and  pumpkin spice latte’s, but most of all- I love that crisp, almost tangible  fall smell.  I know I’m getting ahead of myself- its only late summer! But school begins next week, and I’m more than ready to leave the muggy, suburban summer behind me. To conclude this summer I took a couple days off work, packed my toothbrush and enormous bottle of bug spray and headed ” homehome”- up north to soak up some late summer nature.

I woke up at a ungodly hour to go for a walk ( the woods take on a Narnia-like quality early in the morning) I snapped a few pictures, encountered several deer, and trespassed brazenly. Worth it? Absolutely.


Meet Riley, My mums dog, who has on more than one walk abandoned me to the mercy of our coyote ridden forest to fend for myself. This dog has absolutely no loyalty, but possesses a certain shameless quality that I respect and have even grown to admire.


I decided to re-watch a old favorite His Girl Friday  to revel in the snappy dialog and swoon at Cary Grant

You get the swooning right?

The song of this week has to be Earth Island By the Crystal Fighters

Sooo that’s some Sunday thoughts! Here’s the inspiration

I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take,

all the books I want to read, and all the friends i want to see

                                                                       -John Burroughs

I love this. This week’s resoloution? Make it count. Hope you all had a great week too!


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