First of the Month Challenge!


This summer I had many plans (like many people do) but accomplished very few of them! What a surprise!…ha not really.  One of my plans this summer was to get back to my reading roots.  I was always a huge reader as a kid and since heading to post-secondary, I’ve kind of lost that need to read.

Since it’s the first of September, there’s no better time to start a new feature – Monthly Challenge!! A monthly goal, challenge, or dare that we will work towards and update you on throughout the month!

So you can probably take a guess on what September’s Monthly Challenge is going to be based on how I started this post – that’s right people, let’s read!! Since it is back to school time let’s keep it small – we challenge ourselves and YOU to read a new book this month (for pleasure NOT school!).  That’s it, you only need to get through one!  We’ll update you on how we’re making out, especially with school to juggle as well, and we’ll give our own little reviews of our book choices.  We invite you all to do the same and let us know what’s worth the read!


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