11 questions to ask yourself in your 20s

This article is worth checking out, it makes some good points and suggestions for 20something-year-olds that aren’t just the same old advice you hear every day.  Definitely questions I’m reflecting on this Sunday evening.


1. Do the people I’m surrounded by bring me to life?

2. Who inspires me the most?

3. What are my favourite stories?

4. Would I want to live with me?

5. Do I love from my insecurities or do I love from my strengths?

6. Where am I ripe with talent and where do I quickly deflate?

7. What are my favourite hobbies/things I do for fun, and are they something I can leverage into a career or product?

8. What’s the main thing holding me back?

9. What are my negotiables and non-negotiables?

10. What breaks my heart?

11. At 29 years and 364 days, if I have accomplished just one thing, what do I want it to be?

I think these questions really make you focus on what you want, where you want to end up, and with who you want to end up with.  It’s a good starting point on figuring out what kind of person you really are.  With this kind of economy I think we young folk need a better plan than just “I can do/be anything!”  Worth a thought.


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