Late Night Reflections


      So I Just had a birthday. And there’s nothing like ageing a year to prompt you to take a broad look at your life, and who you have become and developed as a person. I have a habit, every time I have a thought that’s worth thinking- I quickly jot it down and save it whilst its still fresh on my mind. I have continued to do this throughout this past year, and I thought I may share a few with you, as a couple of revelations I had this year.

1.       If you don’t know who you are, you are unsatisfied. Always looking for something, but never knowing what.

2.       The human spirit is a flexible changeable thing, influenced heavily by their environment, and the people they choose to surround them with. Their tastes, thoughts and ideals can become filtered and corrupted by those they choose to love and respect

On that note only respect and love those whose character you admire. Because they are the        ones who will bring out the most beautiful in you.

3.       Second chances are brave, third chances are stupid.

4.       Never, ever turn down a walk in the woods, that’s where the best thinking happens.

5.       If there is someone toxic in your life, get rid of them. You don’t want to waste this short life on people that don’t help make yours more beautiful. Or at least until you learn how to not care what they think.

6.       Don’t compare yourself to people, that’s the easiest way to become dissatisfied, jealous and unhappy. Just chill, and do your own thing.

7.       Be that one person that has no problem saying no.

8.       Identify what is is that irritates you in people you don’t get along with. Then be careful you don’t have those same qualities.

Well, those are just a couple of many late night- insomnia – driven thought’s that I think are worth keeping in mind. What do you guys think


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