Top 10 Rainy Day Movies

        Singing In The Rain

This is a film classic, and is also my go to movie when I’m sick, sad or just want to drool over Gene Kelly. With a fun, catchy soundtrack and gorgeous costumes, Every time I watch it I’m transported to that era, with the old fashioned Hollywood glitz and glamour, the tap dancing and fantastic hair.

2.       Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the beast was my favorite movie as a child, and nothing has changed. I associate a kind of- wholesomeness with the movie. Its deliciously cheesy  and was created at the pinnacle of the Disney renaissance. If you don’t know the words to the musical numbers- learn them. Your life will get just a little bit better, and think of how impressed your friends will be when you show off your new talents.

3.       His Girl Friday

Words cannot correctly capture the love I have for Cary Grant, watch His Girl Friday, and you may understand. His Girl Friday is best known for its witty dialog, and captures the life of down to earth gritty news reporters. So when  watching- stay alert for perfectly delivered lines and tastefully timed jokes.

4.       Leon The Professional

 Not exactly a feel good movie, and But this movie made me laugh and sob uncontrollably- and for that reason deserves to be on this list. If your in the mood for some superb acting, unique character portrayals and sometimes heartbreaking plot developments then The Professional is the way to go.

5.       Garden state

I like movies with characters that are realistic, the qualities the possess are neither extraordinary bravery nor wittiness, Zach Braff In my opinion captured the rawness of humanity in a unique way, and in a familiar setting.

6.       Pride and prejudice

Because I am such a Austin fan I couldn’t resist sneaking this one in, There are several versions in pride and prejudice ( I’m looking at you BBC and Colin Firth) but my  favorite is the one starring Kiera Knightly  mainly because the acting and cinematography is staggering. Every time I watch  Pride and Prejudice I begin to mentally plan a trip to England, just after I finish my time machine.

7.       Gilda

Rita Hayworth is, in my opinion one of the most stunning classical film stars of all time, I genuinely think she was underrated and overshadowed by actresses such as Ingrid Bergman and Lauren Bacall, It’s easy to understand why when you see Gilda, The movie includes her famous strip tease  Put the blame on mame .  when pressed, Gilda may just be  my favorite classical film of all time .

8.       Rear Window

Rear Window Finds Hitchcock at his finest, Jimmy Stewart is such a engaging actor, and when paired with the lovely Grace Kelley and Directed by the master of suspense- Alfred Hitchcock himself- Beautiful things happen. This film will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, soaking in all of Hitchcock’s genius.

9.       The Artist

This film is unique, as it’s a silent movie- that was filmed in  2011 but was set in 1927, adhering to all of the classical film cinematography techniques, however with an added more modern twist. The acting is superb, as with the lack of lines, the actors really tap into their ability to express pure undiluted feeling, without uttering a word.

10.   The Pianist

Adrian Brody plays a Jewish pianist, in the Second World War, I feel like that is enough right there. What makes this movie incredible, is how Brody was able to capture the gentleness of this timid pianist with the  human need to survive, to contrast between the disgusting conditions of the second world war and the soft beauty of the Piano music, creates something truly fantastic


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