Sweet Freedom

So these past few weeks have been wild, both in the good and bad sense. Lots of late caffine fueled nights, bloodshot eyes, and a adversion to sunlight that would put Gollum to shame. But thats behind us! We have been through the hellfire that is project week and emerged. Pale, malnourished and bewildered as to the time and date.

Now we can finally devote some time to our poor neglected blog! I thought I may show a few pieces of my work! Just to give a bit of an idea as to what we do in our program.ImageImage

These are rooms, that I rendered with markers from a floorplan and furniture that was sourced from various local stores (Restoration Hardware, Royal Lighting etc..)

If your interested in seeing a bit more of our work shoot us a message! We love to show off.

We’ve got a lot of great post idea’s for the holidays that will hopefully make up for the months on neglect.




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