Spiced eggnog coffee review

Spiced eggnog coffee review

Tis the season for all things christmas flavoured, from mocha mint to santa’s irish cream, the coffee producing industry has discovered how delightfully easy it is to slap a chrismas motif on a coffee and watch people eagerly buy it up. But how to choose the right flavoured coffee? most tend to have artificial flavours, which distracts from the body and flavour of the actual bean. my rule of thumb is, when purchasing in the store, give the package a smell (there’s usually a small hole for this very purpose) if you cant smell the coffee at all, and are overwhelmed by the smell of the flavouring- leave it. Look for somthing more subtle, somthing that enhances the coffee without overpowering it.
On that note, I’m a huuuge Grand Kaffe fan and my christmas coffee flavour of choice has been the spiced eggnog. Its subtle, smooth and has this delicious spiced aftertaste, the flavour is consistant and the body is robust. Its also great to use in holiday drinks when cold for an surprising twist. Anyways, its hiighly reccomended!
You can order some online here on their website.


Merry Christmas all!


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