Neat & Tidy

Any art student can tell you keeping an organized studio or work space is next to impossible. As a decorating student, Ive often found myself sitting on the floor of my apartment surrounded by tile and fabric samples with glue in my hair and no idea of the accurate time and day. Over time I’ve developed tactics to keep my workspace functional and sanity intact.

First off, invest in one of these bad boys


I spent the majority of first year tripping over vellum, I finally became frustrated enough to do something about it. Keep the new and old projects separated by coloured sticky notes.



Allow for lots of quick, easy to access storage space. Invest in a cart with wheels, its suuch a time saver and will help keep you on track without interrupting your work to leave your desk to get materials. It’s also a great place to put coffee. And coffee’s great.


I’m a huge fan of open shelving, I feel its more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. You can have fun playing with patterned boxes and colors. This is a great way to save fabric samples, business cards, learning tools, and markers (They can become quite space consuming)

and finally..


I have made no secret my love of coffee, storing it can be tricky. This was originally a plant holder- I loved the chalk board idea and utilized it for my coffee storage.

Anyways, those are just a few tips I’ve stumbled upon for keeping my space organized.

Let me know what you guys think!


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