Italian Adventure

Italy: a country so crammed with food and culture, the name itself stirs up images of the Tuscan countryside, checkered table clothes, and accordion music (Lady and the Tramp anyone?).

Stereotypes aside, Italy did not disappoint. The exterior architecture took a refreshing departure from the gloomy gothic cathedrals I was used to (Czech, Poland, Switzerland) Only gloomy because as we know, the Gothic movement began after the Black Plague and was intended to scare into pondering the afterlife and going to church, so the image of gargoyles and demons played a starring role in the decor of the Catholic Church at that time.

The primary architecture I saw was Tuscan, Renaissance, and Neoclassical. this meant the style was light and graceful, with raised motifs and organic colours, forest greens, burnt orange, and sky blue- these century old buildings radiated a sort of eternal playfulness.


That’s what determines good design, I think-the test of time is truly the ultimate one. which brings up the question. what are you going to leave behind? what will your legacy be? now is the time to decide what your little bit of beauty you want to impart on this world.



Seriously. Those colors!


Until next time xo



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