Chalk Board Mirror

         IMG_1914Finally…I’m trying out chalk board paint! I know, I’m pretty behind on this trend but I felt it would be a great place to use it…a mirror! I like the idea of writing little messages to myself, of things to remember when I’m getting ready in the morning.  






All taped up and ready to go!



 Has anyone here used chalk board paint before? It was surprising to me because when wet, the paint is actually blue! It concerned me a little, but not enough to stop me, I figured what the heck! If it’s blue, it’s blue!



Turns out, I really had nothing to worry about because it dries perfectly black…phew!  



I will admit, I got a bit chalk board crazy…I liked the look of the mirror so much that I thought I should spread the love around…a picture frame, plus some organizing boxes got the special treatment as well!


And drum roll please…



IMG_1930 2Love the results! And what a great way to display some of my favourite quotes from my collection! Nothing like a little inspiration in the morning! 

Photo 2014-07-13, 6 45 58 PM


Before and After!



What chalk board paint projects have you guys done and were they a success? I have some leftover paint so I could use more ideas!


Go check out too!   Kelsey xo


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