Amsterdam Adventure

Happy New Years all! I’ve just returned from a trip overseas with my travel companion Gabby. Amsterdam, Paris and the UK was our destination- but for now, lets begin with Amsterdam.

The reason I was drawn to Amsterdam was for the sole purpose of the architecture (as I insisted several times to the suspicious border patrol man). The canals where picturesque . Clean lines, neutral pallets, narrow structures- a overall harmony of textures came together and created an enchanting ambiance.


Our days where spent wandering in search of rich Dutch coffee, indulging in copious amounts of waffles and blinking through the rain at the architecture, trying vainly to not get hit by a bicycle. We agreed that the most beautiful time was at dusk, as the city’s amber lights came on and there was a drowsy contentment in the air (really that could just be the jet lag) . The majority of time we where lost, exhausted- but happy.

One morning we encountered the most lovely scene- as the sun slowly crept over the city , we crossed a bridge where a flock of birds stark against the waking city created a almost dreamlike feel. I immediately hunted for my camera whilst Gabby stood patiently by.

In the end we did fall in love with Amsterdam- in all its warmth and individuality and are already planning a return trip!




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