Lost In Paris

Next stop: Paris.
We where greeted by a 20 minute walk in the rain to get to our hotel Gabby navigated whilst I scouted for baguettes .
After depositing our bags we headed out- my first baguette was eaten in a back ally on the doorsteps of a building, whilst we sought refuge from the rain under a meager awning.

The next few days where a flurry of aching feet and dodging street vendors aggressively shaking chains of Eiffel tower figures ( we where called Beyoncé and Shakira at one point- one look at our faces will explain the confusion)

beyonce and shakeira

Nevermind, I’m beginning to see it.


The green seine & copper roofs contrasted with the sand textured buildings -creating a soft pallet
I found myself overindulging in Parisian architecture. from door knobs , to the wrought iron decals on balconies.
Like frosting on a cake, these motifs where delicate, orient and almost sugary – with so much beauty to drink in I felt a bit greedy.

IMG_0748 IMG_0757
We spend the days shamelessly abusing our beginner French , finding ways to validate 3 desserts a day, and exploring Christmas markets. My faithful camera didn’t let me down as we went from one chocolate crawl to the next- seagulls, lampposts, flying garbage.. I got it all. The whole Paris experience.

IMG_0936 IMG_0967



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