Why We Love The Aztec Rug..

The best way to spruce up a bland living setting?
With a gorgeous Aztec inspired Rug of course! We are loving the Aztec prints we’re seeing this season. The reason? They are so versatile- they range from bright and lively to clean and contemporary. They infuse personality and warmth to a room and are absolutely a dream to maintain- so forgiving!

We’ve pulled together a few of our favorites to give you an idea of the range and possibilities out there!

Let us know if you’re as enchanted as we are!

West Elm Rug

Sivas Wool Kilim Rug – Macaroon Pink 139.00 CAD -799.00 CAD

First we have this colorful beauty by West Elm- bold and clean – we love the fresh take to a more traditional style!

Learn more here.


Crate and Barrel rug

The Orissa Rug by Crate and Barrel 599.00 CAD – 1499 .00 CAD

With a bit more of an Ikat take , we love the tone on tone colors – the subtle warmth and broad movement . It really is the way to go to bring that playfulness into your home without sacrificeing the sophistication.

Check them out here

EQ3 RugNext this little Peak Accent Rug by EQ3 is more clean and streamlined than the past two we’ve looked at . Here we have a contemporary take on the traditional motif. Graphic repetition and organic colors create a controlled textured pallet.

You can find it online here

And we lo-ove the price tag! $29.99 CAD

And finally..

Zonbe Maison
Benecia Jute rug By Structube
We love everything about it- the earthy colors, the warm textures. This rug is so versatile, it could work well in a traditional library setting and still be at home in a sleek contemporary loft! Amazing.

Learn more here..

$649.00 CAD


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