A Coffee Romance

So with all the focus I’ve put recently on my career, moving cities and traveling I realized I haven’t posted any solid coffee reviews for a lo-ong time.
I just wanted to reassure I haven’t kicked the habit (although health wise..) I’ve just gotten into a relationship/affair with a certain brand (sorry Grand Kaffe- we had a good run, you know what you did) I’ve been drinking the Costarican collection by Plantation Gold almost exclusively. I was tipped off by my favorite Russian co-worker back when I was working at Homesense. She was appalled by my flavored coffee addiction. Every time she caught me re-stocking she would go on about additives, chemicals, hormones etc..  (did I mention she was a health specialist in Russia?) I would guiltily sip my butterscotchcaramelbrownieflavoured coffee and she would shake her head in disappointment.


Anyways she recommended the Plantation Gold  collection for its purity.  It has a full flavor, low acidity and honest coffee quality. It stripped away the false additives and overwhelming flavorings that I’ve been finding in a lot of shelf coffee. The quality of the beans took me by surprise- and I fell in love- just like that. You can purchase any Plantation Gold Coffee here.

Plantation Gold

A part of it may be that a couple months ago I purchased a grown up machine..


And with this baby the coffee quality has improved dramatically, the taste is cleaner, the body is fuller– and I’ve had too much fun experimenting with latte art!

That being said- now that I’ve moved to Montreal I am extremely excited to bring you all my hit list of café’s to try out. Any recommendations will certainly be taken !

Anyways Just wanted to keep all my fellow coffee lovers updated as to what’s happening on the coffee front!


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