Branding & ID – A Self Portrait ?

I’ve always loved small business branding- there’s something so intimate about seeing the colors, textures and words that people choose to represent their business. I love the creativity makes an unexpected appearance- oftentimes without any formal training- people discover they have very acute idea of what they want.. My PInterest Print board bears witness to my admiration for just a few seriously talented people.

In my free time and when I’m asked nicely I will pull together a few branding ideas- I look at it as art- a fun way to express myself . When I do it for someone else- I talk with them, have them select a few patterns and draw inspiration from the things I see


With time I’ve noticed that these people have chosen certain symbols, motifs and colors to represent them and what they hope to become. Sometimes subconsciously we gravitate to colors and motifs because they are reminiscent of our past.. Grandmas worn sofa, your cheerful rubber boots, chocolate fudge brownies.. all these rich associations from the past resurface unexpectedly. Especially  in branding and design.


Once, when stopping to grab an Americano at my favourite cafe, I admired the Baristas trendy vintage jeans. she threw her head back laughing  “funny story about them” – she paused to wipe the steam on the machine” I bought them at the vintage store in Australia just around the corner where  I grew up. When I took them home to show my mother- she told me she had donated them to that same store just a week before hand” “and you bought them?! The exact same pair?” I asked disbelievingly “the exact same pair” she confirmed.

I guess that always  stuck with me- as a good example of how firmly implanted in our subconscious is the image we choose to portray is the one we truly are- a reflection of our memories, hopes and thoughts- all gathered into a colorful self portrait.ID - evergreen


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