Profile- Furniture Artist Emma Del Bianco

Breathing new life into old pieces comes naturally to Burlington & Oakville based Interior Decorator & Furniture Refinisher Emma Del Bianco. When a client comes with a piece it holds sentimental value- which has sustained damage whether through flooding, sunlight or just with time. Her job is to give it a bit of professional TLC and a chance at a second life.



These artfully distressed beauties are the result of a practiced eye, taking into account the lines of the piece & considering the space its going into- and choosing the right technique and finishes to enhance what the piece already offers. Often this calls for a cheerful color, or a new upholstery selection.


“I paint with Van Gogh chalk paint, and then do a wet sand once it’s dry. So it’s just an ultra fine sandpaper (600 grit) and water. Next, I put water on the piece and start doing a light sand until the paint becomes smooth and the wood starts to come through on any edges and details. Then I seal it with an all natural beeswax “

She makes it sound so easy!

say helloEDB-PROF

You can find her at her workstation at the boutique Pure in Burlington ON.- a haven for all things shabby chic. They even offer custom organic floral bouquets. Amazing.

This charming Boutique has got it all, furniture, jewelry even a flower shop!

They also offer custom refinishing workshops- so this just may be the chance you’ve been looking for, with Mothers day coming up..

You can check them out here.

Thank you Emma for letting us take a peek at your gorgeous works of art!


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