Profile- Terrasoapco

After finding that store bought soap left her skin dried out and lifeless Toronto Artisan Isola Stauch – founder of Terrasoapco set out to find a solution.



After months of research and time spent experimenting with natural oils and ingredients- Isola finally perfected her recipes, A beautiful line of delicious smelling organic soaps and scrubs was born.

With names like Honey N’Oats and Mango Butter with Argon Oil the results are positively mouthwatering. Each tailored to a specific skin type- sea salt, earthy clays & charcoal to combat acne prone skin, while soothing vegan oils moisturize. The balance between the two is a science that Isola has conquered – with the fiercely loyal clientele to prove it- if her Etsy shop is any indication!


“Using a technique called Cold process- I use rich nourishing butters like Shea, Mango, Cocoa, Olive & Aloe butter. Other ingredients Include botanical herbs, clay and only pure Essential oils. I do everything myself which includes, creating, blending and cutting. I cure the soaps for a least a month and wrap every bar of soap by hand. I love hearing from my customers that I have helped them with their very dry skin or eczema or acne. I feel like I have done my job and gives me the motivation to continue creating beautiful natural handmade products.”

The collection

Although Terrasoapco started out as a organic soap line- the collection has expanded to include body butters and Bath salts. Hmmm sounds like a perfect spa gift basket for mothers day to me..

“I only use high quality natural oils like extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil & sustainable palm oil. Every soap has one or two of the following exotic vegetable oils like avocado oil, carrot oil, camellia oil, hemp oil, pumpkin oil, jojoba oil, castor oil and many more”

say hello

Isola can be found at various craft shows & the  Brickworks Farmers markets (check online for lineup) or working up a fresh batch in her “Soap Lab” in the Danforth area

Not from Toronto? Don’t worry! She sells internationally through her etsy shop! Check her out here

Questions? Reach out at

Be sure to stay informed on all the latest soap related trends on her social media platforms

Twitter & Facebook

Amazing, Isola.  Your new collection sounds heavenly- I can’t wait to restock! Thank you for letting us in behind the scenes of your soap making magic!

Editors Note

 Ever stop to think about chemicals are in the creams and scrubs we use on our bodies? I’m finding more and more often pharmaceutical and beauty industries are stooping to greenwashing .We are paying a small fortune to have our skin burned chemically, dried out, peeled and then saturated in sticky moisturizers. We need to get back to the basics. That’s why I’m thrilled to feature talented local entrepreneurs focusing on beauty products that benefit ourselves and the environment.

Do you have a small Canadian owned business you feel is making a difference? Contact- to be featured.


3 thoughts on “Profile- Terrasoapco

  1. These soaps are great! Been using the Carrot OIl and Hemp Oil soap, great for guys. It cleans and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. For a real guy soap I also use the Vetiver Oil soap.

  2. I have tried and love all of Terrasoapco’s soaps but the one I buy as gifts for my girlfriends is the Luxury Face and Body Carrot Soap. It is the perfect soap (and face cleanser) for mature skin!!! I also used the Mango Butter on my hands, feet and lips this winter and it saved me from red dry patches on my skin!! Love these products big time!!

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