Patterns and Colors- How to Balance

everything you need to know about balancing colors & TexturesThis spring we are seeing gorgeous rebirth of the tone on tone patterns!

Balancing colors with patterns is difficult when you don’t have the formula down. That’s why especially with long term installations such as cabinets and tiles its important to think ahead.

A couple of questions to ask yourself

textures 1

1.What colors do I want?

Its tempting to go with your favorite or what’s currently trending- but think long term- will a mint green toilet age  gracefully? Will anything here distract from re-selling? (you never know!) and think removability- I’ve spent more than my fair share of time scraping soggy garden scene wallpaper off walls to know that what may be “just darling” now may become an eye sore in the years to come.

Finally consider lighting- colors will change from day to night depending on the color of your light bulbs. Strange as it may seem- colors can be bleached and manipulated. That gorgeous cream shag can become a yellow tinted disaster when lit incorrectly.

  1. Comfort- I can not stress this enough! Sure that unfinished natural slate flooring is gorgeous in the kitchen- but in the winter it will be ice cold, painful to bare feet and cleaning it will be a nightmare. Comfort should always be considered before patterns and colors.
  2. Patterns – Imagine the space as a pi chart- what percentage is dominated by pattern and color? If we are talking over 60% lets reconsider.. How big is the pattern? Is there space for the eye to rest? Is the pattern something that will age gracefully?
  3. Textures- similar to the patterns technique- lets break it down. Textures are unique however as they do a very subtle thing.. They act as a neutral. They calm the eye and ground the design creating a balance. For every design, try to incorporate a generous variety of texture. It makes things interesting!

The formula goes like this:

Colors + comfort + patterns + textures = balance

Voila! You can now mix and match patterns and textures to your hearts content.


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