Guest Post- Flower Crown Tutorial

Flower Crown Tutorial


Written and edited by Gabrielle Noble

Hello! Spring in Canada is a joyous occasion. Personally my favourite season. The relief from winter and the hope of summer. Maple syrup, birds, animal babies, and flowers! Glorious flowers!
What is better than flowers popping out of the barren snow ravaged land?? Flowers a top your noggin.
This spring I ushered in the season with a flower crown frenzy for my nieces third birthday party and here’s how I did it. 🙂
Flower Crown 01
You will need
-Flowers! I opted for cheap, fake ones that are all the while still lovely.
-Garden tape or any tape you fancy.
-Garden wire
-Glue gun and sticks
-Wire cutters
All of these things can be found at the dollar store and Walmart…although the wire cutters came from Home Hardware.
Step 1 /Making your Base
Take the garden wire and wrap it around your head three times. Then twist where the wire last intersects.
 flower crown 02
Use the dangly bits to twist/wrap around the crown to create your crown base.
 flower crown 3
BAM! Crown base.
 flower crown 4
Step 2 / Planning the Look
Take them cheapo flowers and cut off the flower bits with 1-2 inches of stem.
 flower crown -1
Take your flowers and plan your crown…
 flower crown -2
Step 3 / The Commitment of Glue and Tape
Now warm up that glue gun!
One at a time glue a flower to the crown and then…
..wrap each stem with your tape of choice. Be sure to glue then tape each flower one at a time. I believe magic is required to glue the whole crown and then tape it. My fingers just couldn’t manage to get between the blooms.
Depending on the tape you’ve chosen you might want to secure the ends with a dab of glue. Garden tape is not sticky. This was news to me the first time I made flower crowns. 🙂
 Make sure to place your flowers along the crown with the actual flowers pointing in the same directions.
Keep working away at it and it should look a little like this. 🙂
 flower crown -3
I chose to do half crowns for the sake of making my flowers go further (I had ten to make for the party) and it ended up super cute. A full circle of flowers is also fantastic of course.
flower crown -4
And voila!
flower crown final
Happy little birthday princesses…and full grown people like me. 🙂
I hope this is helpful to anyone out there looking for some fun fairy flare this spring. Enjoy spring!!
Amazing! thank you so much Gabby, for sharing the low down on how to make these whimsical crowns- so beautiful! Perfect for a themed birthday party- or just to show off your diy skills!

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