Our Top 5 Eclectic Area Rugs

The most common thing I hear as an Interior Designer is “I’m afraid of color” which is fair- we’ve survived the pinks and baby blues of the 60’s, the oranges of the 70’s and we’ve been left with a bad taste in our mouths concerning colors.

That’s why the newest trend of earthy bohemian inspired colors hits us like a breath of fresh air. This eclectic trend allows us to play with natural, saturated colors creating spaces that are inviting, chic and dare I say- elegant?

We’ll let you be the judge! We’ve tallied up a few of our favorite area rugs from some international stores, and some native to just Montreal.

Let us know what you think!


Can be purchased at Anthropologie

beige style

Found on Beige Style for more info on Beige Style check out our Feature

crate and barrel

Found at Crate and Barrel


Can be purchased at EQ3


Found at Structube

DJI logo w white back


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