5 Things Every Apartment Should Have

Upgrade your quality of living, organize your priorities and enjoy the simple things in life more fully, with these 5 simple budget friendly guidelines.


pallet herbs

Found on Style Me Pretty

Its amazing the change fresh herbs make. They can transform a ordinary omelet into a mouthwatering creation. Herbs are extremely budget friendly- each plant costs approximately 4.99 CAD at a farmers market and if you treat them right- should provide a lifetime of flavoring. As a added bonus the change in air quality is tangible. Some herbs- such as rosemary and mint carry a soft smell that relaxes and refreshes- without any of the chemical additives.

  1. Functional storage by the door

door organization

found on ApartmentTherapy

Never underestimate the power of organization! Having a coherent system to store your shoes, purse, keys etc will determine how your leave and enter home. It will set the tone for the day- whether it be stressed and late or collected, on time, and sipping a latte. Take the time this week to run through your morning routine and think about what you could change.

a few suggestions

– Invest in seating with storage

– Have a specific place you put your keys, like a bowl or hook

-For shoe storage, think strategy- put your seasonal boots in storage, to free up space and show off those summer sandals!

  1. A good espresso machine

esspresso corner

Found on madeinpersbo

This is especially important for those in college/university. Coffee will be very necessary during the school year. And it is very true good coffee is expeeensive. By buying quality beans, investing in a espresso maker and learning what you can about proper techniques on grinding, pulling etc. you will save a small fortune.

Think you cant afford one? Think again. Kijiji and Craigslist are amazing sources to find high end machines for a fraction of the price- often new or barely used! (but remember Kijiji safely) The best investment I made in college was easily my machine. Its stayed with me as I’ve moved cities and continues to produce exceptional cup after cup.

A few suggestions in buying a machine.

– To save time in rifling though the mediocre machines- make a “dream list” of your first choices ie. Breville ® Infuser Espresso Machine use that to start your search- this way you will be able to save time and compare prices.

When Kijiji-ing Always choose a public meeting point, and take extra caution- you can never be too safe. I cannot stress this enough!

Here are some great tips about learning the basics for better coffee- you may have been doing your coffee wrong this entire time!

4 Light your space properly


There are three different types of lighting: ambient , task , and accent lighting . I find a lot of homes I design for are extremely under lit. This can make a huge impact on not only your comfort, but productivity. Often we damage our eyes without even knowing it! A room that may be well lit by daylight – becomes dark and uncomfortable rapidly- especially in the winter months.

Lets Break it down.

a) Ambient lighting- these are your ceiling fixture, they create a full light and should reach every corner of the space, pay attention to what type of bulb you use- and opt for a more flattering full spectrum or   fluorescent bulb.

b) Task Lighting- This is especially important in kitchens, offices and dining areas- where clarity matters! Students- take note task lighting should be your best friend, and will prevent premature fatigue and

c) Accent lighting- this is the more decorative/ aesthetic side of things, definitely not to be overlooked. A well placed floor/side lamp brings balance and coherence to a room and can act as a functional art   Win- win right?

  1. Skip the screen

Instead of splurging on a shiny new flat screen- consider going without. Think honestly- what would your life look like with less screen time? Chances are you spend the majority of your day working on a computer. So maybe take the time to make your home a haven of sorts without having all your furniture pointed at a television. In the mood for a movie? Todays lap tops have incredible speakers, screen resolution and Netflix is just a click away. Our generation has finally developed enough to recognize the value of balancing offline/online time As a culture of young adults we are beginning to appreciate the intimacy of gathering with friends without the distraction of the internet. Which is amazing. We’re beginning to figure it out guys! So for that reason- I encourage those of you moving, or embarking on a new adventure with your first apartment- skip the screen! And invest your money in something that will increase your quality of life- instead of distract you from it.


6 thoughts on “5 Things Every Apartment Should Have

  1. Herbs are a great idea! Although might I caution that grabbing all the ones you love, placing them all on the same rack, window sill, or whatever might be a bad idea? Some plants naturally carry molds and disease they themselves are immune to or benefit from, so if you roll the dice and end up with a different plant that doesn’t have that relationship you risk an outbreak. Which might even spread to other household plants. Just do a big of Googling, ask for advice on communities like reddit.com/r/gardening/, and you should be able to avoid blights like the one that ravaged my house plants.

  2. Great post and lovely blog! I will bear some of these in mind as I move apartments soon! 🙂 I haven’t had a TV in my own apartment for three years and it has definitely meant I read and write more often as well as call or skype friends! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my Sunday post! 🙂

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