Designer Struggles of Self- Branding

After weeks of posting teasers on Instagram, I’m thrilled to announce my website is active and functional. As a designer, deciding on my own branding was unbelievably tricky. With my clients I am lucky enough to bring an un-biased point of view, but with my own..

With my new site comes a new name, new pallet and a new logo (this won’t be the last I can assure you! #addict)

With the launching of my new site I thought this deserved a walkthrough of bad decisions and logos (designers look away)

Fresh out of college and when the script font was making a hot debut, I paired it with a cool blue and laurel, and managed to hit every first logo stereotype.


Moving on, I went in a completely different  direction and embraced the Tuscan red, with a tres contemporary font.


Finally I hit my stride and went with the OG Deborah Jehlicka Interiors Logo, which now acts as a sub category  on Deborah Jehlicka Studios

What do we think? Anyone else have any nightmare logo stories?

Happy Saturday XO


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