Prague; a design lovers dream.

So over the next few weeks I will (finally) be posting a few photos of my most recent trip to Europe. Starting with the motherland! It was lovely to be back in .5 of my homeland!

Having spent several summers in Czech growing up, returning to Prague is something like my “home away from home” There is something inertly satisfying to return to a place and finding it unchanged. The food was still mouthwatering, the language colorful and architecture… GORGgeous.



I spent my days happily wandering the streets of Prague and a few other beloved cities. I kept my camera in hand, keeping a sharp eye out for fresh bread and smoked cheese.


One morning, I was prowling Wenceslas square desperately feeling the need for a coffee/espresso/caffeine iv. I came across this atrium with a large astronomical calendar where golden deities marked each month. Nestled in this atrium was a costa coffee, with polished paneled walls and leather booths, it was almost too perfect to be real!



Its interesting, once you pick up on certain motifs and patterns that are inherent to the culture, you start to see them everywhere! Organic shapes and elements taken from nature merge seamlessly with the architecture and interiors of the buildings. Warm russet, buttery yellows and grey browns paint an image of an ancient city, rich with history. Tradition lives on however, many of the new buildings also favor those cheery tones!

What do we think? Have you booked your ticket yet?






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