Red sands, Sea salt and Lobster

Prince Edward Island. More than the home place of our favourite red headed fictional character.. PEI is a small island located off the eastern coast of Canada. Rolling hills, lush forests and picturesque beaches are the hallmark of this famous Canadian province. With a rich history in agriculture- today PEI provides a third of Canadas potatoes (so obviously their baked potatoes are a must!)

Beaches to visit: Cavendish, North Rustico

Halifax Nova Scotia, where the sea is deeply intertwined with both the peoples culture and history, from its Navel contribution in the World War’s to the tragic Halifax explosion. Even today, as the port acts as a drop off point to cruise ships and ocean liners providing a steady stream of income to the farmers market and boutiques lining the pier. The result? this coastal city even reflects its love of the sea in its architecture and cuisine- with intricate bass reliefs and brightly painted row houses.. Halifax is a design lovers dream.

Places to visit: Public Gardens, Pier 21, Maritimes Museum



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