Having being formally trained in Interior Design, I’ve found many of the similar principles that apply to design are universal. Color, form and balance can be continued throughout a variety of medias! Whether it be through photography, graphic styling or interior design- the principles and elements of design remain.

  I offer Interior Design, Brand  & Media development.  My job is to take a analytical look at the broad picture: What are the weak points? What do we want the end result to be? And most importantly,  how can we achieve them. This applies to everything I do- from branding to interior design.  For Branding clients that are looking to start from scratch and redo their image, website social media etc.. that usually means working together to create a new identity. For design clients that entails looking at your lifestyle, habits and needs to create a space that reflects you to a T.


19 thoughts on “Meet Debbie

  1. Beautiful photography. I think I’ll have to follow this blog! I enjoy finding inspiration in daily life too. 🙂

    1. Hi Shaun, great blog! The only tip I can give is – it’s hard to find the time to blog when things get busy! So put aside a certain time each week to regroup and plan the upcoming week. Good luck!😊

  2. Hi, many thanks for dropping by my blog ‘Urban Shutterbug’, it’s very much apprecated. Great work with your blog, love it’s clean & crisp look!

    Thanks again, Urban Shutterbug!

  3. Hi great pics. I was looking here to meet Debbie part of your blog hoping to see things like ” I’m this many years old yada yada yada. However, I’ll use my imagination for that. 🙂

  4. Thanks too for stopping by my blog jeanetteseasycreations and for the like on my crocheted candy cane blog. I’m new at this too, and I agree with the advice you gave Shaun. It’s very time consuming but it is enjoyable.

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