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For those of you who live in the Montreal area, you may already be familiar with a small furniture and accessory boutique tucked away on rue Notre Dam Ouest. Boutique Beige has become the destination for all things unique and home related since 2007. Offering a wide variety of products ranging from gourmet teas to custom upholstery and Broadloom- if you want something out of the ordinary Beige is the place to go.


The name Beige was chosen as being a word that works both in French and English (Montreal Problems) as well as wanting to convey something timeless , something that ages gracefully. Drawing inspiration from the shops of Paris and New York the space reflects the warmth of a small boutique- their selection however is quite diverse with a fabrics library and local upholsterers at their call- the opportunities stretch on. Sourcing both locally and from the states, the Beige team is proud to stand behind the quality of its furniture. Check out the online catalogue here.

The team also offers custom decorating and home design- just to give your space that personalized touch! Amazing.

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Why not make a morning of it? Notre Dam Ouest has some swoon-worthy brunch spots. And just to sweeten the deal Beige is located just around the corner from the legendary Atwater Market

2480, rue Notre-Dame O.
Montréal, QC, H3J 1N5
T 514 989-8585
F 514 989-8028

Profile- Furniture Artist Emma Del Bianco

Breathing new life into old pieces comes naturally to Burlington & Oakville based Interior Decorator & Furniture Refinisher Emma Del Bianco. When a client comes with a piece it holds sentimental value- which has sustained damage whether through flooding, sunlight or just with time. Her job is to give it a bit of professional TLC and a chance at a second life.



These artfully distressed beauties are the result of a practiced eye, taking into account the lines of the piece & considering the space its going into- and choosing the right technique and finishes to enhance what the piece already offers. Often this calls for a cheerful color, or a new upholstery selection.


“I paint with Van Gogh chalk paint, and then do a wet sand once it’s dry. So it’s just an ultra fine sandpaper (600 grit) and water. Next, I put water on the piece and start doing a light sand until the paint becomes smooth and the wood starts to come through on any edges and details. Then I seal it with an all natural beeswax “

She makes it sound so easy!

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You can find her at her workstation at the boutique Pure in Burlington ON.- a haven for all things shabby chic. They even offer custom organic floral bouquets. Amazing.

This charming Boutique has got it all, furniture, jewelry even a flower shop!

They also offer custom refinishing workshops- so this just may be the chance you’ve been looking for, with Mothers day coming up..

You can check them out here.

Thank you Emma for letting us take a peek at your gorgeous works of art!