Embrace the sticky, humid side of summer with these 4 grownup treats

1.As the heat climbs, and sweat begins to pour its easy to despair. However I’m a glass half full kinda girl, and prefer to look at it as an opportunity to splurge on a new perfume! My favorite this summer? Karma, by lush. These little solid perfume canisters are a godsend on those sticky afternoons, sweet orange and lemongrass creates a fresh spicy smell that is light and delicious . You can order online Here.


2. As for viewing material- look no further than the Long Hot Summer 1958 starring Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward, who are still considered to this day to be the cutest couple in Hollywood that have ever been or will be.

3.Cool down with Offbeat + Inspired’s receipt for the most delicious lavender (who knew!) chai tea you will every try. Check out their blog, if you adore all things decadent, delicious with stunning photos- you’ll love Offbeat + Inspired.

lavender chai tea

Found on Offbeat + Inspired

4.Read: the Rules Of Civility This is a favorite of mine- and is being reread this month. A perfect balance of grit and glamour- and set in the 40’s . This book will make seriously consider building a time machine.


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