My top feel good moments of the week that just make life a little fuzzier…

  1. Kissing in the rain.  My guy and I were walking home when it started to downpour (like we were thrown in a pool downpour)! We quickly ran under a tree, which actually wasn’t too helpful in keeping us dry but I was definitely less sad about being drenched.
  2. Being able to put the comforter on because it was actually cool in my apartment this week.  After a few really hot days, there’s nothing better.
  3. Finding a note in my bag from my bf that says “I think you’re sexy”
  4. Having a day to do absolutely nothing – nothing to do, no worries…does that even exist? Meh there’s probably always something that could be done, but taking a day to not give a shit about that something…priceless.
  5. A visit from my momma and sista – shopping, food, sangria, movies, and chats…is there anything better? Not this week.

bedi think ur sexy

Happy Wednesday!