Prague; a design lovers dream.

So over the next few weeks I will (finally) be posting a few photos of my most recent trip to Europe. Starting with the motherland! It was lovely to be back in .5 of my homeland!

Having spent several summers in Czech growing up, returning to Prague is something like my “home away from home” There is something inertly satisfying to return to a place and finding it unchanged. The food was still mouthwatering, the language colorful and architecture… GORGgeous.



I spent my days happily wandering the streets of Prague and a few other beloved cities. I kept my camera in hand, keeping a sharp eye out for fresh bread and smoked cheese.


One morning, I was prowling Wenceslas square desperately feeling the need for a coffee/espresso/caffeine iv. I came across this atrium with a large astronomical calendar where golden deities marked each month. Nestled in this atrium was a costa coffee, with polished paneled walls and leather booths, it was almost too perfect to be real!



Its interesting, once you pick up on certain motifs and patterns that are inherent to the culture, you start to see them everywhere! Organic shapes and elements taken from nature merge seamlessly with the architecture and interiors of the buildings. Warm russet, buttery yellows and grey browns paint an image of an ancient city, rich with history. Tradition lives on however, many of the new buildings also favor those cheery tones!

What do we think? Have you booked your ticket yet?





The Curated Etsy Hitlist for your Next Trip


The first step is to buy the tickets, plan the hotels and figure out what your going to do when.

These organizers, downloaded off of Etsy will save you a thousand headaches


etsy vacation planner

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This is the part that generally tends to be the biggest headache! We suggest picking items that will be easy to re-pack on the way home, and investing in a gorgeous hand tooled leather carry on.

Duffle bags

Leather carry on

Stunning. look at those details!  Shop WooleWood’s collection now (spoiler- their stuff is all equally amazing.)

duffle bag 1

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Mongram Duffle

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The patterns on SpicerBags collections are beautiful- we had difficulty choosing which to feature!

Laptop cases

macbook case

The soft pallet and ladylike colors of Nimoo’s shop won us over.


The bold prints and elegant lines of Botene‘s shop show a genuine love of what they do!

Makeup bags

makeup bag

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IPad case


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This is it! You’ve packed like a pro, and are now ready to hit the road, heres a new products that will make your trip go smoother and your 8 hr layover in Brussels a little less painful!

Passport holder


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Cord Organizer


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Neck pillow


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Sunglasses Case


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Luggage tags


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Eye mask


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Face cream


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Remember your trip with a framed poster of your trip. Some Etsy shops offer unique and gorgeous personalized options.. Like these guys here


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Or even a little something to carry with you at all times


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And there we have it! the compiled list of where to shop when planning your next trip. Most of these stores ship internationally, so you can have that special somthing shipped right to your door.


-The TEA team.

5 Ways To Enjoy Italy in a Non- Touristy Way


While Italy itself has an abundance of touristy things to do- profiting off a history so rich and vivid often one tends to forget the present day Italy. The beating heart and soul of a nation is more than the architecture and paintings of ages past. So in-between lining up for museums and strolling through dimly lit , ancient cathedrals make some time in your schedule to do these things.

1.Spend at least one day in a small village.

In small villages you see the authentic side of Italian life you miss in tourist traps like Milan and Rome. You wont regret it, wander through the old streets, watch nuns heading to church, see children shout and chase pigeons in the square. Eat sticky freshly baked buns and haggle with vendors in markets. Don’t know Italian? No problem. Some communication is better off without words. Take at least one day to soak in and appreciate where you are.

italy 1

Found on Mailand

2 Eat.

I cannot stress this enough, Italy is a country where you leave everything gluten and sugar free at the border. Indulge in iced gelato, spicy sausages, mouthwatering pasta with cheese. Savor every bite. The Italians have perfected the art of cooking with passion. Each mouthful is the culmination of centuries of experimenting and family receipts passed down. Eat until you cant eat another bite. Then eat some more.

3. Meet Someone.

Hear me out- I don’t mean romantically (but hey if the shoe fits..) I mean- make a connection with another person. Have a conversation- divulge something. Whether it be someone you share a table with in a café, or just asking for directions. Meet another soul that you can look back at and smile. But if traveling alone -be safe about it!

italy 3

Found on ZsaZsa Bellagio

4.Learn some Italian.

When I look back at my time in Italy, what stands out the most to me was the language. The words strung together like music, sometimes loud and harsh- like when a grocer backed his van into another’s and the flurry and hand jesters that followed had me blushing (and I cant even speak the language!)

But sometimes the language flowed like music. Like when the mother of the family I stayed with- pressed her lips to her daughters forehead as she bid her goodnight.

Even if all you know how to order is pistachio gelato and an espresso in Italian- that’s alright. You made an effort- and you will always remember those words.

5 Take a Night Walk

Some cities are lovely by daytime but at night- become another creature altogether. This was Florence for me. Lights sparkling on the water, old squares of crumbleing brick full of people lounging, heavenly smells coming from the patios while waiter’s in crisp white shirts gestured invitingly with menus. Sometimes a half hour walk becomes the half hour you will look back on for the rest of your life.

italy 2

Found on Travel & Leisure

5 Reasons You Should Probably Visit Prauge


Photo Via Samantha

1. Price.

carlovi most

Image Via 99traveltips

As far as beautiful old European cities go Prague (Praha) is probably one of the cheapest .

A medium priced hotel ranges around $50-100.00 CAD per night.

Or using a application like CouchSurfer or Air B&B for a taste of the locals life would be approx-30-58.00 CAD

Food, entertainment, transport.. Your wallets going to thank you

2. The food.


Image Via tofoodwithlove

The food. My god. Where to start? The first thing I do whenever I’m in Czech- is I find a cukrárna. Where you can get mouth watering treats like Indianki and vetrnik

During the day you can grab dumplings swimming in goulash or duck and spicy cabbage. Or even grab a Czech version of “exotic foods’ and see how they nail it.

Even a trip to the grocery store reveals that Czech will challenge every country that dares take them on in the world of food. Decadent puddings, freshly baked rohliky, smoked cheeses, sparkling mineral water. Such a treat.

The rohliky. One can not have an authentic Czech experience without trying artisan beer and rohliky both mind-blowingly cheap and have become so ingrained in the Czech culture they become a part of daily routine. Bakeries will open at the crack of dawn and people will pick up the bread and rohliky for the day. Fresh, and smelling heavenly from the oven.

So on your first day, a breakfast of rohliky and creamy Czech yogurt on the Vltava River as the sleepy city comes to life is highly recommended.

3. Accessibility.

czech fairytale forest

photo via Sexy Bikes

To this day I am shocked at how accessible Prague is- with a easy to navigate Metro, streetcar and Bus program- the city can be navigated stress free even if the weather isn’t co-operating. The best thing is how accessible Prague is to the rest of Czech- Bohemia, and the Morava is just a hour or two away via train – where you can take a day trip exploring the fairy tale forests searching for mushrooms (a Czech passion) and finish the day in a village pub sampling the locals brew (be careful- Czech refer to American beer as watered down juice!)

Recommended cities – Olomouc & Pardubice


Picture taken by Iris

4.The Culture.


Photo by: Tarek Touma

Prague itself has a history as rich and vivid as they go- from political oppression, to producing some of the most talented writers, artists and musicians that have singlehandedly started movements throughout the world (looking at you Mucha). Prague is bursting with independent art gallery’s, street performers and artists.

In the evening the city comes alive with countless opera’s ballets, and productions that are jaw dropping inexpensive. Tickets at the world-renowned State Opera are priced like this . Make sure you get dressed up though- even the smaller productions is no place for jeans.

5.The Markets.


photo Via Smarter Travel

Over the summer, and sometimes through the winter pop up in all corners of the city. showcasing a variety of goodies, from freshly picked produce to handmade lace and carved trinkets- these brightly colored gems are the bustling heart of Praha- and a perfect place to pick up something special as a gift of souvenir!

EXTRAS: pack layers- especially if you are planning a day trip to the mountains.

Socks and sandals are welcomed, even encouraged in Czech

When entering a bar or restaurant, you seat yourself- no waiting here!

Pickpocketing is extremely common- particularly on the metro and on escalators.

There’s a bit of underlying tension between the Romani- so that may be something to be aware of.

Be smart as to what time you spend in the city- it will be worth it to get up early and walk the old town before it is swarming with tourists- try spending the afternoon in a gallery, museum or market so you don’t get hit by the afternoon tourist mass that happens in high seasons!

And most importantly- enjoy, make beautiful memories- and rest assured we’re all jealous of you.


Photo by: Tomas Megis

About the Author-

debbie prg

Debbie Jehlicka(ova) is a Travel Writer & Blogger raised & currently residing in Canada to parents of Czech descent- her mother language? Czech. She spent her summers growing up touring the Czech cities – and was raised to be able to tell a good Knedlik from bad. Questions? You can reach out at

Lost In Paris

Next stop: Paris.
We where greeted by a 20 minute walk in the rain to get to our hotel Gabby navigated whilst I scouted for baguettes .
After depositing our bags we headed out- my first baguette was eaten in a back ally on the doorsteps of a building, whilst we sought refuge from the rain under a meager awning.

The next few days where a flurry of aching feet and dodging street vendors aggressively shaking chains of Eiffel tower figures ( we where called Beyoncé and Shakira at one point- one look at our faces will explain the confusion)

beyonce and shakeira

Nevermind, I’m beginning to see it.


The green seine & copper roofs contrasted with the sand textured buildings -creating a soft pallet
I found myself overindulging in Parisian architecture. from door knobs , to the wrought iron decals on balconies.
Like frosting on a cake, these motifs where delicate, orient and almost sugary – with so much beauty to drink in I felt a bit greedy.

IMG_0748 IMG_0757
We spend the days shamelessly abusing our beginner French , finding ways to validate 3 desserts a day, and exploring Christmas markets. My faithful camera didn’t let me down as we went from one chocolate crawl to the next- seagulls, lampposts, flying garbage.. I got it all. The whole Paris experience.

IMG_0936 IMG_0967



Seeking inspiration is a difficult thing, finding something that moves you to the very core of your being- that’s a task. To achieve this you have to leave yourself open, exposed hoping that something beautiful will catch your eye and stoke your spirit.
I’ve just returned from a trip abroad- Brussels, Switzerland, Italy and the Czech Republic was the destination. Initially I set out for inspiration, thirsting for something different, something fantastic
And how Switzerland delivered, warm sturdy chateaus, The staggering alps, and lovely old architecture, Switzerland was in a word –inspirational.


Rain clouds coming in on the alps, Grindelwald


The famous old wooden bridge in Luzern. The contrast with the weathered wood and vivid flowers is truely striking.


A fountain tucked away in Bern.

Until next time 🙂