5 Movies You Should See if Your Learning French

5 Films you should watch if your learning french

Or fluent- either way the French cinema has produced some of the most exceptional, unique cinema to date- so get your subtitles ready and get ready to learn some French!

1.Amelie  *Cue Gasp* I know this ones a classic- and its really not hard to imagine why. With a unique plot, set against the backdrop of picturesque Paris the film involves creative revenge, bicycle chases down cobbled streets, great outfits and .. Audrey Tautou (if you don’t end the film hopelessly in love with her than something’s wrong.)

2.The Intouchables this is another interesting setting. Here a man from a rough neighborhood becomes a care giver to a wealthy man confined to a wheelchair- worlds colliding right? What’s interesting to me is that despite the subject matter which has the potential to be heavy I spent half the time wiping tears of laughter from my eyes (mkay.. maybe just a liiittle weepy tears too)

  1. Love me if you dare- here we have Marion Coillard at her finest- with a creative plot, rich characters, and a killer story line

     the story follows the lives of two best friends, who as children devise a game based on dares, as the dares become increasingly dangerous as they grow older and fall in love, we wonder just how far they’ll take it

4 La famille Bélier a Family where all are deaf, except for one daughter who acts as a mouthpiece for the family. When she receives an offer that would take her away from her family she has to make the heart wrenching decision between her dreams and family.

The raw emotions the actors poured into this film in staggering. Hysterical at times, and others wretched – buckle up for a roller coaster of emotions

  1. Heartbreaker- Deciding who should fill this last slot was tough- but I felt throwing in a chick flick would add a bit of variety- Why should you watch it? Mostly because of the outfit after outfit Vanessa Paradis gets to wear- Also Ramon Duris goes undercover as a body guard to break her heart and keep her from marrying a hunky Englishman

Honorable Mentions

Little white lies, Rust and Bone and Delicacy