Behind the scenes with the Coton & Bonbon rebrand in Montreal Qc

When approached by Johanna & Georges to collaborate on Coton et Bonbon’s  branding the answer was immediate. Absolutely.

The take was a fresh approach to the Traditional Candy Store. Visions of imported chocolates, gourmet candies and brightly colored treats from exotic locales where the inspiration for the logo.

Stylized fonts, a vibrant pallet coupled with vintage motifs began to tell the story that the company will now write. Effortlessly elegant and cheerfully nostalgic, the C&B branding provided a solid platform for what will surely be a destination for local Montrealer’s and visitors alike.

Coffee Review- Aux Quatre Vents

Its been a century since I posted my last coffee review, so I thought I should keep y’all up to speed as to what’s being sipped on these brisk mornings in my little Montreal loft. This week I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Brularie Aux Quatre Vents at the Marche Atwater. I purchased the Vent Fou, as was recommended by the barista and was blown away (pun intended,Franco readers).

Firstly, I’ve always maintained you can tell a lot about a coffee about the way it smells, and this coffee had me making a beeline across the busy market courtyard (a few people may have accidentally been elbowed..ahem) I later received many raised eyebrows on the metro as I was carrying the motherlode in my bag and the scent was just heavenly.

With a full body and a smooth finish, this roast boasts low acidity, and has some dark notes without being too overwhelming. The finish is clean without any noticeable aftertaste.

Unfortunately, their beans aren’t available online. So Montrealers.. time to take advantage of this gem! And for those of you planning a visit, chalk it up to another reason to visit the Atwater Market for more info check out our feature.

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