A Note..


As I sit here planning this weeks blogs posts in my little loft in the heart of the art district of Montreal, I am overwhelmed by gratitude. To you, our followers. Its been almost 3 years since we started this Elephant Adventure. What started out as a place to post bi- monthly features on flea markets of Toronto and inspiration in design has matured and developed as I believe we each have.

Now our blog features photography, music, travel, book reviews etc.. But we’ve stayed true to our core. We’ve been driven all this time by inspiration and the hunt for beauty, a thirst for finding the extraordinary in the mundane. And it has only been through your support, encouragement and fellowship that we’ve continued doing what we do. So way to go guys! Your all incredible!

This week is going to be great. So excited.



Principle Editor

Ps. In the cover shot- best way to break in a new table? Flowers from the Jean-Talon Market of course! Feature Pending.

Shots of the Week

Hi all! This week features some architecture of Montreals lovely old port, a garden shot, as well as a throwback to Paris!

Wishing you a week filled with strong espresso’s and inspiration- in whatever corner of the world you are 🙂