Top Etsy Shops For Unique Home Decor

1.Based in Iceland, Railis is a Scandinavian décor shop known for their signature humpback whale print(sold yet?).      From mugs, pillows- even table lamps! this is your go to place for anything unique and whale related.


Found on Railis


2. In Melbourne Australia, Shop owner Lizzy has developed a line of adorable quirky throw pillows, with vintage eclectic prints featuring flamingos, watermelons and goldfish- her shop Vintage Topsy is a a goldmine for all things quirky and Zooey Deschanel inspired.

flamingo Pillow

Found on Vintage Topsy


3. SiamSawadee is a oriental home décor shop which specializes in absolutely stunning oriental hand carved headboards. The shop also includes beautiful baskets and boxes, painted in bright saturated color and with incredible detail. Their headboards start at approximately 250.00. But the detail is extraordinary and makes for a one of a kind piece.


Found on SiamSawadee


4. Having trouble finding that perfect area rug to pull your space together? Look no further than OLDVINSHOP whose shop features remade vintage Turkish rugs- and yeah- they look as cool as they sound. Beautiful saturated tones downplay the intricacy of the motifs and make for the ultimate floor candy.

old vin shop

Found on Olvinshop


5. There’s something so intimate about buying handmade tableware- the process of sharing food and spending time with the people you love. Michal Keren Gelman designer and shop owner lives in Israel, in west Galilee has a collection of dining and serve ware that captures warmth and elegance. Her pieces are made of ceramics and clays, each created individually, by hand. Isn’t it amazing that through this platform we are able to reach talented, motivated artisans from all over the world and benefit from their gift?


Found on FreeFolding


Amazing right! SO much talent- unbelievable! be sure to check out our own etsy shop for all things print related!


Jehlickova- Home Decor

The Eclectic Style

The Eclectic Style

The Eclectic style is all about personality- its about identifying what you love, and what shapes you as a person- and combineing it into a space that works for you. Whether it be vintage pieces mixed with modern, or even mismatching patterns and textures; with a practiced eye, and a flair for design- the eclectic style can go from cluttered to spectacular in no time at all.